Hordes.io is a 3D-mmo that can be played on your browser!

Play as a healer, tank, or DPS classes and battle against the other faction. The game is currently in beta. You can play it from the Official Website. Also check out the Official Discord Channel.


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Game dead because of the fame update which killed the old playerbase (kobs and Brotherhood) 

can you make a downloadable build


it is not letting me play i signed into my google account and it just makes a loop to where i have to press play again and then login

same here

still same, what a sad story , looks fun 


best game RPG in itch

i think u need more add a job like assasin,


I play 5 minute of each game and upload them to my new series: The 5 Minute Itch

Come check out the channel.

To watch the first 5 minutes of gameplay. Click this link! Hordes io The 5 Minute Itch